When someone gives a speech, he or she must carefully plan and present those ideas. During this unit we will review several famous speeches. During the third marking period your benchmark will be a presentation so pay close attention to the way great public speakers present their ideas.

Commercials to examine for propaganda techniques
M and M commercial

Martin Luther King Lesson
1. What do you know about the "I Have a Dream Speech"
2. Watch this video
3. Listen to the speech
4. Video of full speech

One well known speech was made by Martin Luther King Jr. Read the text of his speech below.

Click here to learn about the civil rights movement and MLK speech

Click here to learn about MLK's life

King giving a portion of his speech

Full text and audio of speech

Obama's 2013 inaugural address

Below are some other speeches

Excerpts from famous speeches

Obama's acceptance speech

Reagan's speeches

Now you are ready to try to give a speech

Video to help you plan a speech

6 steps to a successful speech

Sample Speech Outline

Outline Grading Sheet- Please print when you finish your outline and turn it in! Do not print your outline!