Where would you go? Research and Exploration

National Geographic-Countries

Country Reports

Around the World-TimeforKids

National Geographic-States

Visit a City

Public Speaking Readiness Survey

Public Speaking Tips Prezi

Sample Outline-Shakespeare

Thesis Statements and Outlines
Giving credit where credit is due
Easy Bib
Learn about creative commons

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In-Text Citation Practice

You quote it you note it video clip

Brainpop on research
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Brainpop on online sources
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Brainpop on citations
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Use your writer's handbook for assistance when writing research papers
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Creating citations using Microsoft Words

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Sample paper from OWL

Databases to use from the school
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Library catalog (to find resources in the school library)
School District Library Catalog

World Book Web online (encyclopedia)
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Access PA PowerLibrary (periodicals - magazines, photographs etc)
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FactCite:The Lincoln LIbrary Online (7 resources for info about sports champions, mythology, biographies, etc)
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Facts on File Online Databases (history, science, issues and controversies)
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Career Research
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Scavenger Hunt